Monday, March 21, 2011

burn the witch

Florida Preacher Burns Qu'ran

Evangelical preacher Wayne Sapp yesterday burnt a copy of the Muslim holy book the Quran as controversial pastor Terry Jones looked on in a Florida church, reports the AFP.

Jones drew a storm of controversy last year for his plans to burn copies of the Qur'an on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York. The Qur'an burning was presented as an event where the Qur'an was put on trial and convicted of crimes.

The Qur'an was soaked in kerosene for an hour before being set alight while onlookers took pictures.

Jones defended his involvement saying he had attempted to "give the Muslim world an opportunity to defend their book" but received no response.


i've pasted the entire thing here, because there are so many kinds of wrong, i'm too tired to detangle them all. but...

only reason terry jones didn't burn the qu'ran last year was because the car dealer pulled back the free auto offer when shit hit the media fan.

quite sure not one person at this shindig knows that mohammmed, and his followers, recognize jesus as a prophet, right?

quite sure ya can't put an object on trial, right? (ya know, the "guns don't kill people-people kill people" thing?)

and lastly... when a nutjob loony tries to talk to me about his whacko theories, i don't answer either.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

bad pennies

i see a guy waiting to be interviewed. i recognize him as having been fired from 2 places i worked, one a very long time and he was old then. i wasn't his supervisor, so don't know why, other than having been on the back end of his general ineptitude. i share this with my co-workers. when the guy is finally out of the building, they tell my gm. who asks me what's up.

he is genuinely SHOCKED. like :O-kinda face, shocked i tell you, that neither of the places in which i knew the guy are on his resumé. i have to bite my lip as to not laugh. i explain i have nothing personal against the guy, am just sharing information. has he never interviewed a waiter before?

he is hired.

as heard here

"drop your 5-top and make it a 4." ok, done. "now make it a 7-top." ok.

i turn around and it is 2 fat, harried-looking parents, 2 very tired kids, under the age of 10, and an infant ready to go full-tilt any second.

"we'll just have water and for god's sake, could we have some menus?" underwhelmed by their charm, i comply. "uh, could we have the kids' menu?" "sorry, but we don't have a kid's menu..." before i can finish my statement about the bar menu and what other kids tend to eat, the mother snaps," well, if you don't have a kids' menu, we might just have to leave."

seriously? don't break my heart, lady.

unfortunately, they stay and even though the kids had chicken fingers for lunch and both say they aren't hungry, they order them anyway. they smush ketchup about their plates and each eat like 1 piece. i attempt to engage them asking about the toy alligator and such, and the chilluns seem weirdly nice, with 2 such miserable 'rents.

the baby finally explodes, the mom starts packing up, while the dad is still eating, i go over to ask if i can get them anything else, "obviously," she snaps, "just the check." i clear away what i can and bring it over. the dad is still smacking his lips, chewing, and starts fishing out crumpled paper money from all over his person.

mom had soup and salad, fingers for the kids and dad had a steak and a veg. the bill was $96. ridiculous, yes, i already know that and we all know it's why i whore myself out in the place that i do.

he left less than 10% and a table and floor that looked like a damn barrel of grenades had gone off.

and you wonder why i hate people? seriously?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

everything in its place

the owner does like to tease me about my exceptional distaste for clutter. besides the tedium of having to dust it all (see second category of mockery, re: cleanliness, lol) i find it just visually tiring. one of the immediate appeals of my last home was its blank slate-ness. an empty box of industrial surfaces, wood, concrete and glass. once i took up residence, the downside was obvious: nowhere to put the odds and ends of daily life. no closet for coats. no shelves for bath towels and hygiene sundries. yes, i own a ridiculous amount of glassware and china for a single person, but nary a cabinet for even a small set of dishes.

for months and months, everything was stowed. even my clothes. i lived in a few sweaters and a couple pairs of pants. if i wanted something different, i had to dig through the moving boxes to find it. it sucked. eventually there were kitchen shelves and a clothing rack, but much else remained messily stored, years in the limbo of never-opened cartons. the boxes stacked high over the soffit, were an eyesore without option.

last week, i moved. closets, cabinets, drawers, armoires and a basement cage to boot. spacious capaciousness i could only have dreamed of a few short weeks ago. in just days, nearly everything has found a home. as i live and move through the place, objects and energy will change the arrangements and the patterns, but there will not be boxes in sight for lack of options, nor will anything go unused because it must remain stored. it feels an incredible luxury.

last week, i moved. the space soars with windows, skylights and rings with the industrial echoes of brick, wood and plaster from over a century ago. i am walking distance to the owner and the amenities of everyday life. much like my crystal glasses and over-coats, now tucked tidily away, i feel finally like this is the place for me. the last, now recognized as only a way-station while so much in both his life and mine got untangled and then knitted together.

i never have been so placed by a place. it's a profound and giddy feeling, full of potential and hope. it's been a long time since those angels came to visit me. i think now they might even stay.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

massacres and the free market

this past weekend in a tucson shopping center, 6 people were killed, including a judge and a 9-year-old girl, and 14 people were left wounded, including a congresswoman married to an astronaut.

one-day sales of guns in arizona jumped 60% on january 10th vs. the same day least year.

this is a $500 gun that holds over 30 rounds of ammo. it was the same gun used by seung-hui cho at virginia tech, where 32 people were killed.

according to the brady campaign, arizona scores 2 out of 100 on its rating of state gun laws and its rate of gun deaths is 1- 1/2 times the national average. you do not need a special permit to carry a concealed weapon.

beyond the bipartisan discourse of which other partisan is responsible for a complete krazee going on a murder spree lies the empty cartoon conversation balloon of rational and reasonable gun ownership, the law and the lack of mental health safety net. a boy ejected from community college for nearly a dozen disruptive and dissociative episodes on campus and in class was able to buy a gun favored by cops and gangsters, virtually no questions asked.

when a lone krazee, who was, according to neighbors, quiet and kept to himself, natch, drives a panic of weapons fever, there is something fundamentally flawed with people's thinking. they knee-jerk convince themselves that somehow a gun in the house, or in a hip-holster at the safeway, will safeguard themselves and their families. do they really believe they have the lightning reflex and confidence to shoot first in the face of an intruder or gun-wielding loony whose world-view is absolutely unhinged? soldiers and cops train for this daily and don't always react in time, or on target.

after virginia tech, (gun sales went through the roof then too) i remember pols calling for all teachers to carry loaded weapons to class. that if other students had been armed, less people would have been killed. how do people take the leap that the threat of more violence will curb or cure violence?

states with the highest percentage of gun ownership have the highest rates of gun deaths. the states with the strictest laws have the lowest rate of death by firearm. this isn't liberal hoo-ha. gun ownership in places like alabama and louisana are at least triple what they are in places like hawaii and massachusetts. death by gun is as high as 7 times more. so, yeah, the answer is quite clearly that more people need easier access to loads more deadly weapons. fer sure. duh.

i do know real amuricanz understand that that is why we MUST fear that muslim terror (sic), because they wanna kill us and our flag and get to them heavenly virgins by destroying our liberty and way of life. so by all means let's stomp on over to the damn dessert and blow up their tents, caves and kids before they get to us first. i have yet to hear anybody discussing this as a profound act of home-grown white-faced domestic terrorism. killing someone over their ideas and beliefs. just like the 1995 oklahoma city bombing and the assassination of dr. george tiller in 2009, in wichita. it's terrorism, folks. and it is us.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

southern science

“There was a lot of trauma in the breast tissue, blood clots in the body cavity and internal bleeding,” Stephens says. “So, it looks like maybe they got startled, they may have flown into each other, flown into a house, flown into a tree. They don’t have very good night vision,” he says, “and maybe they ran into each other, fell to the ground and died.”

yup. birds have been flying together, in formation, in all sorts of weather, for MILLIONS of years. these hapless guys just flew into each other. or a house. or a mouse. yeah. that's it. 5000 damn birds flew into the same house, at the same time, flew away, then all just dropped dead. yeah. that's it.

oh, and so obvz, all those dead fish? swam into each other! of course!!

phew. so much better now.


Sunday, January 02, 2011



the world must be ending and the beginning of the end is happening in arkansas. 100,000 or so dead drum fish bubbled to the surface in an arkansas river today.

oh, and the dead birds? now the estimate is 5,000.

i'd kill myself if i lived there too, but this is some shit.

happy new year 2011

1000 dead birds.

the year begins with what could be one of my worst nightmares. in arkansas 1000 blackbirds dropped dead, spontaneously falling from the sky over 1 square mile.

blackbird singing in the dead of night
take this broken wing and learn to...


this times ONE THOUSAND!!!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

my teeth are itching

our quitted gubner of gaffes and spinner of saucy word salad was at it again this week:

yesterday on her pal glenn beck's show:

"This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy," the former vice presidential candidate said on Wednesday. "But obviously we've gotta stand with our North Korean allies."

confusing north and south korea, was a mistake. fair enough we all make 'em and most of us aren't on tv having to talk about stuff we don't know anything about, and few of us feel the same visceral imperative to stay in the spotlight. she fled to the safety of her fans and facebook page and retaliated by posting links of obama's verbal gaffes. instead of just laughing it off, "oops!" kinda thing, she then wadded her panties all up in a sissy bunch and whined how whenever she makes a mistake (c'mon ms. palin it's often enough that my google alert would 'spolde, ok?)the lamestream media jumps on it and runs and blows it up and i was tired and it's not fair cuz why do you people still like barry? huh, huh, why?

earlier in the week she gave up this little bit of gobbledy-gook:

"I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. And I have a communications degree. I studied journalism, who, what, where, when, and why of reporting"

the first bit of syntax made my head pound the desk and the fact that she forgot the "how" as to the 6th question that should be answered in any solid bit of reporting can likely be attributed to... um... not paying attention in school? or never reading newspapers?

someone with A LOT of time on their hands created this compendium and wasilla
greatest hits which is brilliant and scary at the same time:

her high school gpa was 2.2 (maybe bristol is just too dumb after all for them to bother forking out dough for college)

she dropped out of 4 never-heard-of-bumfuck colleges before finally matricu

compared legal abortions to the tuskegee experiments

like a tiny-town version of #43, she took over a government that had no debt and left it in the hole for $19 millz.

authorized an increase in the sales tax

increased salaries and bennies by 67%

spending on office furniture and supplies went up 117%

her staff of 50 cost the town an average of $140,000 each -- $7 million

she raised property taxes and supported an increase in the sales tax to pay for a sports arena

supported allowing parents to opt their children out of curricula offensive to their privacy, religion or conscience. (which worked brilliantly for not allowing bristol to take sex ed and is working great for the new, and ever-growing, breed of amuricans --including palin- who take the bible literally)

she also admits to having smoked pot. how on earth did i not hear about that when she and her slutty stewardess hairdo were EVERYWHERE in '08? huh? c'mon, lamestream media? how unfair are you?

lots more there, but i want to give myself head-space for something less, um, noisome, tyvm.